Escape Velocity — How Your App Can Survive the Coming App-ocalypse

So there’s an app for everything… and a ton of people putting apps into the app store… but of course this kind of onslaught of new apps is exciting for entrepreneurs–but not all of them will survive the upcoming culling…Peter Yared calls this the coming App-ocalypse.

Basically we see a lot of small one person mobile app startups who can get user traction but then the pull of “gravity” pulls them down to earth… paying the mortgage, the day job, building scalable backends and all of that gunk.

Kii uses venture capital, technology and distribution deals to help apps achieve global scale profitability.

The way booster rockets work is they provide the valuable extra thrust needed to get escape velocity, we kind of see ourselves that way.

I’ve been talking about how Kii Corporation is like a booster rocket for startups… and now this amusing article appears. Apparently Jeff Bezos from Amazon wants to fetch the Apollo 11 boosters out of the ocean.

Anyhow reading this article about Apollo 11 boosters made me think of this… a bit random but interesting to me anyhow.

Apollo 11

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